About Our Company

As technological advances are being made to newer technologies such as Near Field Communication, at NFC Touch, we have begun to invest in the services. We invested to further the development of the technology and to improve technology with our partners.

It seems very likely that Near Field Communication will eventually change the way we lives our daily lives, whether it is through simple payments, changes in checking in with public transportation or adding simplicity to the healthcare field by enabling a patient’s information to be scanned into a database.

We have big dreams

We bring innovative NFC touch solution to eveyone in Hong Kong. We enable more online audiences to connect with our clients online platform and enhance their business activity. And this is just the beginning.

Global Vision, local Commitment

Our long-term investment strategy in developing markets and close working relationships with local developers and partners helps us bring leading innovations to Hong Kong.

Strong Focus on Innovation

Our commitment to constant innovation is reflected in our ongoing investment in research and development. Through our development group, we are exploring new worlds of O2O application solution.

Happy Clients

Years in Business

NFC devices sold

Total Project

NFC Insight 2018

9/10 of all mobile phone purchased are NFC enabled phones


NFC Market is poised to grow by 58% in 2018


NFC Chips shipments soared by 74% in 2018


NFC devices to grow by 85% in 2018


NFC Touch across Industries

NFC creates a new and universal interface to existing devices through simple touch interaction. NFC bridges gaps between existing technologies and devices to enable new applications and services (enabling connections from the real to the virtual, as well as connections in the physical real world).