X-Men movie to get NFC smart poster campaign in London

Smart posters are to be distributed around central London to promote the latest X-Men film, enabling NFC phone users to download an exclusive trailer and connect with the movie’s Facebook page.

NFC-enabled smart posters are to be displayed at a dozen locations around central London to promote the new X-Men movie, X-Men First Class, which is set to arrive in UK theatres.

Developed by NFC software application provider in collaboration with outdoor media specialist, outdoor media owner and network operator, the poster campaign features an exclusive movie trailer and a link to the film’s Facebook page. Each poster has an NFC tag affixed to its rear, enabling those with NFC phones to connect by tapping their phone to the poster.

The X-Men First Class campaign is the first project to be delivered via this collaboration.

The film’s tag line, ‘Witness the moment that will change our world’, is apt for this first UK NFC film promotion campaign, says Proxama. “It is really rewarding to see NFC technology coming of age with the first public marketing campaign being launched,” says Neil Garner, the company’s founder and CEO.

“What is so exciting about this layer of interactivity is its simplicity and the size of the opportunity for generating scale,” says James Davies, director at Hyperspace, Posterscope’s innovation and digital division. “There are 130,000 commercially available poster sites that can be instantly enabled. For the client the cost of each NFC chip is extremely low and the consumer receives instant fulfilment. The potential application of this technology is immense.”