NFC Business/ Membership Card

NFC business cards offer an interactive experience beyond what has ever been possible with traditional print. Each NFC business card has an NFC tag hidden inside that when tapped by an NFC mobile phone links to online content such as a web page or video.

NFC Business Cards place the entire web at your disposal with a single tap of a mobile phone ! This is a chance for you to offer something truly unique and make an impact.

We are the first company to provide NFC based Business Cards. With these business cards, one can easily share contact information with just a tap of the card to the smart phone.

Having a great looking and smart business card make a great impression and impact. But does it serves the purpose of giving your contact information and the recipient having it all the time? With NFC Business card get all your Contact and Social information stored directly to the recipient’s phone.

Yes, we deliver anywhere in the world! In HK, our deliveries are sent via SF. For international deliveries we use USPS, UPS and DHL Express.

Please note that some delivery destinations may experience delays or potentially issues with customs.
It depends what you've ordered and which shipping method you have selected. We'll show you exact prices when you make your order, but if you'd like to get a quote in advance, feel free to contact us.
It depends on which shipping method you have chosen and where your order is being delivered to.

Rather than overwhelm you with all the relevant information, we will let you know while we confirmed your order, so you can get an accurate estimate prior to making your payment.

Depending on your product, quantity and shipping destination. We'll then show you the different options available, along with the price (including any bulk discounts) and the estimated turnaround time.

Also, when you place an order, we'll show you an estimated arrival date - this is based on which product you've ordered and which shipping method you have chosen. Please note, complex design can take a little longer to print, so its best to allow an extra couple of days for delivery.
Many of our packages are small enough to fit through most domestic letterboxes. If you picked trackable shipping, your local delivery agent may require a signature. If you work during the day, it's best to have your order delivered to your work address to avoid any problems.
Of course! In fact, we would keep the design exactly the same as your existing business card therefore your business card would look just the same but with a nfc touch to it.
To help as many people as possible, we accepts a range of different formats. These are: AI, GIF, PNG, JPEG, PDF. These are the formats we would recommend:

For photography: high resolution JPEGs (preferably un-compressed)
For Graphics or Text: print-ready, vector based PDFs
For a mix of graphics and photography: print-ready PDFs
If you didn't get the confirmation email, we will assume something went wrong and the order was not placed. If you've been charged, we'll automatically refund your money straight away.

Please contact our Customer Services team and we'll see what we can do to fix it.
We accept Bank Transfer if you are a client from Hong Kong.

For international clients we prefer TT.