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    NFC Touch's success is built on our partnerships. Be a part of that success. NFC Touch invites leading technology organizations to join our alliance and revolutionize integrated digital experiences.

    NFC Touch enables you to:
    1) Build world-class digital marketing campaigns at web speed
    2) Accelerate rapid application development based on open architecture
    3) Map technology speed to digital marketing priorities
    4) Cross-sell into partner accounts and increase demand for your product

    NFC Touch consists of a complete set of benefits and resources to help partners grow their business and develop integrated solutions with NFC Touch. This tiered program is based on your level of commitment. Benefits range from sales training to account mapping to joint marketing programs.

    In the rapidly changing and highly competitive marketplace, continuous innovation is crucial. Our offline to online solutions allow for rapid application development and market agility. They allow for a greater investment of resources in innovation when compared to proprietary systems, which carry higher infrastructure costs. This O2O advantage, paired with powerful partnerships, gives NFC Touch a revolutionary advantage in creating the next-generation digital experience.

    Digital agencies, systems integrators, marketing agencies and developers rely on NFC Touch’s O2O business optimization solutions to drive digital outcomes and accelerate growth. Our partner program is designed to reflect our deep commitment to helping you accelerate growth through digital agility.

    Today’s digital landscape is fundamentally changing the way your portfolio brands engage with customers. Trust NFC Touch’s market leading O2O engagement solutions to unleash your digital agility. Help your brands stay ahead of the curve by delivering integrated digital experiences that drive tangible outcomes.

    NFC Touch’s partner program gives you access to key relationships, a vast toolbox of solutions that allow you to move with the speed of the web and a doorway to new clients and business opportunities. Our program offers a vast array of benefits including lucrative referral incentives.

    As an O2O platform designer, the success of the applications develop depends on our customers’ ability to:

    1) Migrate data into and out of your application
    2) Ensure all migrated data is accurate, complete, and current
    3) Integrate and synchronize the data in your application with data in their other applications and systems so that it’s accessible and usable throughout your customers’ organizations

    NFC Touch can help you integrate, innovate, and accelerate your business—and that of your customers.