Project Info

The concept of having an O2O platform working inconjunction with your personalize IoT product is a relatively new concept, therefore it is best to demonstrate it with a real life example.

The Mission of WHOSPETS is to reduce the amount of missing pets in Hong Kong. This is an O2O platform with NFC enbeded chips onto the pet assessories in order to help lost pets get home in a shorter period of time. All pets will be equipped with NFC enbedded chips that work in conjuctions with our O2O platform. The mission of the platform is to help lost pet gets home quicker, so that less animals will get put down and more pets are able to reunite with their keepers.

The Whospets O2O platform will allow any pet finder or any animal welfare association with a smartphone or internet access to make direct contact with the pet owner. This is done with extreme privacy control where the pet owner wouldn't disclose any personal data throughout the process. The pet owner can manage and update their pet info 24/7.