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The world has gone digital, and there’s no going back. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and they use them every day to help make decisions, search, find brands to buy from or learn more about a product, service or a business.

While this may all sound like great changes, it presents some unique challenges for businesses. And without a path forward, some of those companies may not make it through the next few years. Businesses are often slow to change, and many of the evolutions that come quickly through our digital world don’t come easily or cheaply.

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Good Design

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How to turn on NFC in your phone and how to use NFC in mobile?

You might have heard of NFC on your phone, but actually what is NFC? How can we use NFC in mobile? What feature NFC has? How can you turn NFC on with your phone?

Digital Transformation Trend in Hotel Management

Bringing convenience and better experience to guests is the first priority of all hotels. Guests like more personalised design; if they can get exactly what they want the way that they like it, then they will feel more like at home.

How regular inspection can be digital transform?

Imagine that your operation process can be simplified and yet improving accuracy, efficiency and data transparency at the same time. This is the core value of our NFC mobile workflow management solution.

How to Reduce the Risk of Forged Documents?

Fake or false documents feature in the majority of modern financial frauds and are the greatest menace facing in the international trading community.

How to combat product counterfeiting?

NFC Product authorization is so simple that most people can tap their phone onto the product. Having an effective product authentication solution can gain customer trust.

It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable


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