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The Business Card of Tomorrow is Here

Connect you with people in the digital age

Tap To Save Contact

Share your contact information with just a tap

100% Accurate

Rest assured that your contact has been accurately transmitted

Quick Data Transfer

The transfer of your data will take no more than 1 second

iOS & Android Compatible

Smooth transmission of data to all NFC enabled smartphones

Means of Exchanging Contact

Share your contacts in a way that works for your Brand

Whether at in-person networking events or having insightful virtual conversations, it is essential that you find fast and effective ways to exchange contact details with the right people.

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Encrypted UID

NFC Business Card

Just tap your touchless business cards to someone else’s device, and you can transfer the data automatically.


QR Code

All they need is a smartphone, and they can scan your code to get all of your contact information.



You’ll never have to worry about being unprepared again with a digital business card.

sun authentication

NFC Sticker

A printed NFC sticker on your phone allows you to share your Digital business card information even faster and more directly.

Beautiful NFC Business Card Designs

Huge collection of designs, rich customization options, flexible style, and instant results!

NFC Card Material

Customized design on your chosen base material type


  • Custom Design
  • Light embedded
  • Rounded Corners
  • Size: 85.5mm x 54mm

  • - Minimum Order -
  • Glossy Finish: 1 pcs
  • Matt Finish: 20 pcs


  • Light embedded
  • Custom Design
  • Spot UV/ Gold Foil Finish
  • Rounded Corners
  • Size: 85.5mm x 54mm

  • - Minimum Order -
  • 20 pcs


  • 8 Different Type of Wood
  • Custom Design
  • Lazer Engraved
  • Light embedded
  • Size: 85.5mm x 54mm

  • - Minimum Order -
  • 5 pcs

Why is there a light inside your card?

This light can only be wirelessly switch on when there is a NFC connection established. Hence, no battery inside your card. The light will give you an indication when you have a NFC connection.

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Selling Online

It is design to facilitate the experience when these smart business cards are being used

The brighter the light, the stronger the connection.

Varity of Options

QR Code

David Richards


Digital Business Card

Direct your customer to your digital business card for more info.

David Richards

Save Contact

Download of vcf onto phone

Download your contact directly into address book.

David Richards

Available Offline

Vcard QR Code

Include limited information only, but it is available even without internet.

Where to use your QR Code?

Once you've published your staff profile you can share it using a QR code.
Quickest Option Learn How

Save as your Lock Screen

Elegant Option Learn How

Digitally Share Your Business Card with a mobile Wallet Pass

Simplest Option

Have your QR code printed on the other side of your card

Digital Business Card

You might have already used recycled paper to print your business card to help save the environment, but it would do little to change the underlying system that caused 6 billion business card being printed and then wasted every year. The time to re-invent business card is now!

Instant Transmit of Your Contact Info

Rest assured that next time when you call, your client will know that it is you!

Remind Them Who You Are

Include your image, brochure, social media and more, so they can learn more about you directly from their contact list on their phone.

Save Full Contact Detail

No one would type in all the detail from your business card onto their contact list. Save all your details onto their phone so they can view your profile whenever they want.

The Business Card for the Future

Digital Business Card

No Card

Enable the safe transmission of selected contact details & social profiles data to any other smartphone via an e-business card link.


The most eco-friendly way of giving out contact is not to give them a piece of anything that would ended up in the trash.


Cost Less

Traditional business cards are recurring consumables. Digital business card is an online tool that transmit your contact info.

Less to Carry

Say goodbye to carrying multiple business cards, you will only need your phone in your next exhibition.

We help our clients succeed by streamline the workflow that achieve efficient results.

App Based Application

Program your smart business card with your mobile.

Customize as you like

Forget about design limits! Build and customize your application.

Web Based Application

Manage your smart business cards for your company with our admin web portal.

Web Based Application

Web Portal for Company Admin

Admin to login and manage staff contact info on our web portal.

Amend staff business card info using excel. Batch change info for all staff.

Monitor admin changes log and usage of digital business card.

Mobile App Based

Program Your NFC Business Card with your Smartphone

Download our mobile app "TOUCHLESS". Here you can add, update, edit & enable what you would like to share with your contactless card anytime, anywhere.

Looking for a customized smart business card solution?

Top organizations know that their people represent their brand. We can customized a smart business card solution to help your enterprise to manage your business cards with all the special features you desire.

Increase Accuracy
Reduce Admin Support
Real-Time Data
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Which Application is Best Suited for Your Company?

Success doesn’t necessarily come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution

Mobile App Based
  • Programing - Not Remote
  • Data Security - Weak
  • Digital Only - No
  • Memory Capacity - 888b
  • Annual Fee - No
  • Analytics - No
  • Batch Upload - No
Customized Corporate Solution
  • Hosting - Private Cloud/ On-site
  • Domain Name - Customized
  • IT Security - Made to Spec.
  • User Interface - Customizable
  • Work Flow - Made to Request
  • Data Integration - API
  • Pricing - Based on Requirement

Case Studies

While some people believe, the use of smart business card is limited to exchanging contact info, we believe it really depends on your creativity. Therefore in this section below, we have compiled a list of cool ways of using smart business card in different industry. Let’s check those out!

Banking & Finance

As you are promoting financial services provided by professionals, so it is crucial to conveys professionalism in your business card.

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Restaurants & Hotels

Creating a consistent brand experience is at the heart of all Restaurants & Hotels. Loyalty programs and customer care is critial to your success.

Learn More


A well-designed business card can be an important marketing tool. It should communicates the quality and professionalism of your entity.

Learn More

Brands & Retail

Business cards are integral to a brand’s identity because they offer potential customers their first tangible impression.

Learn More

Ecommerce & Wholesale

Sellers can direct potential customers to their online storefronts or product listings. This streamlined process reduces friction in the buyer's journey.

Learn More

Health Care

The healthcare sector is undergoing a digital transformation. This is not limited to aspects involving patient care but also marketing.

Learn More

Green Business

If sustainability is one of your core brand values, you need an eco-friendly digital business card that meets your expectations.

Learn More

Professional Services

Paper-based business cards have been around for centuries. But digitalization has changed how we network, so the tools we use have to keep up.

Learn More

Real Estate Services

Be present for your customers in this digital transformation era to showcase properties, generate leads, and close deals with your contact!

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Our Support

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.


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What happens when my client taps their phone on my card?

The phone opens up their address book so that they can save your contact details directly onto their phone.


Lates Post
How do we ensure data security?

Ranging from TLS encryption to anti-malware software, we utilize a wide range of data security measures to ensure that all your personal and company information are kept safe.


Lates Post
How has the trend for smart business cards developed?

A single traditional business card may be cheap, but when amendments needed, you will have to dispose of the old and print new ones.


Lates Post
How can businesses benefit from NFC business cards?

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – one of the key innovation trends these days is sustainability and digital transformation.


Lates Post
Can we have a customised smart business card solution?

Everything from the material, design, software and printing method can be customized according to your needs and preferences.


Lates Post
How do we stand out amongst our competitors?

In short, it is the flexibility, simplicity, customizability, and ease-of-use of our solution that helps us stand out.


Lates Post
How do you order from us?

Before you order, consider these: 1) Mobile or Web?, 2) NFC Card needed? and if so, 3) Send us your Card Design!


Lates Post
What is the purpose of the light?

How do you know if your client’s phone is NFC-enabled and ready to scan your card. A light is included in the card for this very reason.


Lates Post
5 tips to make a top impression

Failing to maximize your card’s functions may often lead to missed opportunities. Click below to learn how to ensure a seamless experience!


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How to program your Touchless Card

A smart business card is a tool that enables you to wirelessly share your contact details with other people, but it can do so much more!


Lates Post
How to program your Web Profile?

A digital profile is your e-business card where you can share your contact details with anyone over the internet.


Lates Post
Can I edit the card by myself?

Using our Touchless application, you can change your card’s contact information any time with your phone.


Lates Post
How can you use your web profile to exchange contact info?

Watch this video to know more about what your web profile include, and learn how you can use the web profile effectively to impress your prospective clients!


Lates Post
What if your recipient’s phone does not have NFC?

If the person you are giving out your card to does not have NFC on their phone, you cannot exchange your contact info by simply tapping your card on their phone.


Lates Post
How do I lock the card to prevent unwanted changes?

Watch this video to know more about the process of password protecting your Touchless card, and more details about how to unlock or if you can recover your password.


Lates Post
What if I lose my card?

Losing your smart business card is just like losing your paper business card. Anyone that has your card can check out your contact details by tapping it on their phone.


Lates Post
What information can you put on your business card?

In today’s business world, no matter which industry you are in, most businesses have digital content that they want to share.


Lates Post
How to change staff name?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to amend the staff name, company name and include a staff headshot.


Lates Post
How to add basic contact info?

Learn how you can add or amend the usual contact information on to the smart business card and your e-Profile.


Lates Post
How to specify title for URL?

Learn how to specify URL title for the URL that you want to include in the contact. This way, your client will know what the links is about.


Lates Post
Information that are for Internal Use Only

Learn what internal information which you can include, but these won't be display to your customer.


Lates Post
How to add additional info into the note?

If you have more info which you would like your client to know about, why not include them in your note?!


Lates Post
How to change the QR Code on the E-Profile?

We offer different QR Code on the e-Profile, you will learn about what they are and how to change them.


Lates Post
How to include social media and other useful URL in your profile?

Learn how to include useful links and your social media URL to your contact.


Lates Post
How to link Smart Business Card with staff profile?

If you would like to change the card info for another staff, then watch this video!


Lates Post
How to change the function of the NFC Card?

You can determine how to use you smart business card, anytime, anywhere.


Lates Post
How to disable the card?

If you have staff leaving the company or someone just lost their card. Just disable it!


Lates Post
How to make batch changes?

Amending data for one staff is easy, but for more staff, you may want to amend them in batch?


Lates Post
How to customized your e-profile page?

Make your digital business card more relavent for your business.


Lates Post
What tools you have to better understand your usage?

Get a reliable measurement foundation with built-in automation, intuitive and flexible excel sheet reporting.


Lates Post
How to setup your login with 2FA email?

To enable data security, you can setup 2FA with email. Where you will have to enter a 6-digit authentication pin to login.

Frequent Ask Question?

The price is determine based on the card specification and the order quantity, please contact our Customer Success Specialist from below for quotation.

No, the light inside the card is being power passively once the NFC connection has been established.

No, we do not provide business card design service. If you need assistant with your design, feel free to contact us and we can refer you to our partners accordingly.

Yes, if you come across any problem with the software or have difficulties using the card, we would be happy to help! Please contact our sales consultant from below.

The cost of the card does not include delivery charges. Once you have confirmed your order, we would estimate your shipping costs based on details, such as shipment destination, date, flight or shipping conditions, and weight.

We would prefer psd or ai file. The Card size of the card: 85.5mm x 54mm, 600 dpi.

Yes, once you have programmed your smart business card, it comes with a digital web profile where your contact can be downloaded digitally.

They would download your contact directly onto their smartphone.

Yes, you can download our mobile app "TOUCHLESS", or you can use our web portal alternatively.

No, there is no other cost other than the inital purchase fee of the "Touchless" card, our app based solution. However, with the web based portal, there is an annual subscription fee.

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