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Long before the convenience of technology and the prominence of sustainability, realtors, brokers, and property managers relied heavily on printed business cards. As printed business cards still hold some distinction in the property management industry today, buyers and renters seeking their new homes are most likely to use the luxury of digital tools to find their dream home online. The usage of innovative technology is mirrored within the property management industry today. Businessess must proactively enhance their networking strategies and adapt to changing times by finding valuable networking tools and techniques to differentiate themselves from the rest to bring business in. That’s where digital business cards for property management come in. Here’s the opportunity to do something different, stand out from the crowd, and reach a larger scale of potential clients faster with property management virtual business cards.

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Keeping up with the ever changing world

Staff turnover has been an issue for many companies in the real estate industry. Companies can easily transfer the card from one employee to another. Customize and update of the information on a digital business card to reflect the contact of the replacement staff can be done in minutes. And because the information is stored in the cloud, data automatically changes to reflect new information.

The MUST have information in your contact

Phone Number

Include tel number is a must! You can include your direct line, general line or even mobile and direct line of other countries!

Your Website

Most people research online before visiting in-person, beyond an easy user experience, include your homepage can help improve your rank in Google search results.

Opening Hours

Make sure your opening hours is up-to-date and accurately is important for your customer. Why not list such important information in the "note" for your clients.

Do you have a two-way communication channel with your customer?

A direct line to your agent is one means of providing an exceptional service experience. Businesses established this direct contact for over 100 years.

Due to their real-time interactivity, messenger apps allow you to instantly establish a two-way communication channel between you and your clients. Upon saving your contact into their mobile device, client can simply click a contact detail to use it, whether it’s whatsapp or else.

When a client has direct contact with you or your care team, you can immediately be made aware of any urgent sales needs and address them accordingly.


Providing customer with a seamless way to schedule appointments

Appointment gaps are often due to real estate agent and customers having different preferences when working out an appointment schedule.

Continuous availability might not be a luxury most agent can offer. But they can always make it easy for clients to navigate setting up an appointment.

This is where a digital business card becomes useful. An e-business card can contain clickable links to your preferred appointment scheduling software services. E.g. "Calendly" then your client will be able to access their booking via a single tap or click.

Appearing more professional during networking

One study revealed that business professional who hand out business cards are perceived to be better communicators, provide a higher quality of care, and have greater technical expertise than those who don’t. With our smart business card, you will make a great first impression and appear more professional when networking.


Staying up-to-date with Technology


Comprehensive Supporting Info

Better Customer Care


Navigate your customer to your branch

Google map links can be used by real estate agent to help customers navigate to their branch. Include a location Google Maps url, customers no longer have to memorize the address or get lost.

See how it works!

You will always be ready to share your contacts

Digital Business Card

When there is a client who you are not able to meet face to face or all other alternative fail, you know you can always just send them an url! Digital business cards are convenient to carry.

NFC Business Card

When you switch to NFC business cards, there are no paper cards to run out of. And it takes a tap for your recipients to access your business card content and save it in their phonebook.!

QR Code

It only takes a simple camera scan for your recipients to access your business card content and save it in their phonebook. All you need is a phone!

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The content you include should be captivating enough to catch the attention of your potential customers.

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Url links included in this profile are informative yet professional.

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