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Reducing our dependence on paper should concern us all, not just because trees account for half of terrestrial carbon storage, but also because of the hectic amount of energy and water used in paper manufacturing.

Not long ago there wasn’t a choice in how you shared your contact details in a professional setting. Today, thankfully there is a choice and more and more individuals and organizations are making the switch to digital business cards or contactless NFC Cards you can keep forever.

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How bad are paper business cards for the environment?


Surely those little paper rectangles can’t be that bad for the environment, right? Relative to an oil tanker hitting a reef or a new coal fired power plant paper business cards look pretty harmless don’t they. That doesn’t mean we should wave them through the eco-friendly gate, far from it.

It’s not just carbon storage being removed to make these cards, you also need to factor in:

  • 1) Carbon emissions throughout the manufacturing process.
  • 2) The 300+ liters of water used by manufacturers to make just one kilo of paper.
  • 3) Bleaches, toxic dyes and plastics used during printing.
  • 4) Transport to customers.
  • 5) Energy used during waste management, sorting, transporting and taking your unwanted cards to landfill.
  • 6) And the final kick in the guts, the gasses released by your decomposing paper cards in landfill (including our common enemy, methane).

We can do better, we should all do better than this.


Network in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner

No more carrying paper business card when it comes to attending and participating in meetings, conferences, and other events in and outside of the institution.

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Sustainability Smart Business Card

How can a digital business card be an eco-friendly business card? The clue is in the name, a digital business card is inherently digital. A digital business card uses software to share your contact details, not paper.

Instead of carrying paper cards in your wallet or bag, a digital business card can be shared from your phone. You can choose to share your card via scanning your QR code, Apple Watch, Smartphone Widget, text, email or sharing your digital business card’s url link.


Reduce print production costs

Save on paper

Reduce HR admin workload

No re-print is required


Keeping up with the ever changing world

What happens when you have staff leaving the company? Users can easily transfer the card or QR code to another empolyee. Customize and update the information on a digital business card to reflect the content of your new staff. And because the information is stored in the cloud, data automatically changes to reflect new information.


Data Analysis

If you out-source your marketing activity to 3rd parties. Digital business cards offer another huge benefit as they collect first-party data. This first-party data includes the number of scans to download contact and visiting e-profile, top-performing promotors, and scans by time of the day. First-party data collects valuable information companies can use to inform ongoing marketing efforts.

Make your digital business cards instantly accessible in your communications

Preparing and delivering seminars, meetings, workshops, and events may be your day to day job. Providing contact info to your audience are very common. What is the best way to leave your contact for your receipents? A QR Code on your slides would be the perfect solution for you!

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Link Directly to Social Media

Critical to your Marketing

Guests continue to use socia media to discover new updates, whether through their research, recommendations from friends or your updates. This means it’s worth embed your social media links directly in your contact.

You will always be ready to share your contacts

Digital Business Card

When there is a client who you are not able to meet face to face or all other alternative fail, you know you can always just send them an url! Digital business cards are convenient to carry.

NFC Business Card

When you switch to NFC business cards, there are no paper cards to run out of. And it takes a tap for your recipients to access your business card content and save it in their phonebook.!

QR Code

It only takes a simple camera scan for your recipients to access your business card content and save it in their phonebook. All you need is a phone!

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