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Restaurateurs and Hotels excel at developing creative ideas for a business, serving delicious food, and creating fantastic guest experiences. And now, increasingly, a critical component of that guest experience is digital. Your digital business card is the new front door of your business.

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The Basic Stuff

Phone Number

Include tel number is a must! If you have a list of numbers for all of your branches on your website, why not include an url to guide your customers there!

Your Website

With 89% of diners researching restaurants and hotels online before visiting in-person, beyond an easy user experience, include your homepage can help improve your rank in Google search results.

Opening Hours

Make sure your opening hours is up-to-date and accurately is important for your customer. Why not list such important information in the contact for your clients.

Link Directly to Social Media

Critical to your Marketing

Guests continue to use socia media to discover new restaurants, whether through their research, recommendations from friends or your updates. This means it’s worth embed your social media links directly in your contact.

Spotlight Your Menu

A whopping 93% of consumers will look at a restaurant’s menu before they decide where to eat, according to a recent OpenTable survey. So of course you want to include your menu in your contact saved.

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Your Addresses

You want to make it as easy as possible for your guests to locate you, so don't make people click around to find it. If your company has multiple locations, list them all.

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Optimize Online Ordering

Integrating your business with technology platform like Openrice, Deliveroo, Foodpanda are critical in today businesses. Many restaurants have found success with a big “Order Online” button right on their contact page that directs guests to their owned online ordering page.

About Ave
About Ave
Promote repeat visits, discounts, gift cards

Highlight Loyalty

Loyalty programs

Loyalty are key to turning casual guests into consistent regulars.

Gift cards and merchandise

They’re easy ways for your loyal guests to show their love for your restaurant. Make sure to promote gift cards in your contact and to make it even easier for their guests to find.

You will always be ready to share your contacts

Digital Business Card

When there is a client who you are not able to meet face to face or all other alternative fail, you know you can always just send them an url! Digital business cards are convenient to carry.

NFC Business Card

When you switch to NFC business cards, there are no paper cards to run out of. And it takes a tap for your recipients to access your business card content and save it in their phonebook.!

QR Code

It only takes a simple camera scan for your recipients to access your business card content and save it in their phonebook. All you need is a phone!

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The content you include should be captivating enough to catch the attention of your potential customers.

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Learn how we include all the license info and special title in the name for this profile.

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Url links included in this profile are informative yet professional.

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