NFC is the key to Better In-store Experiences, Increased Sales, and Enhanced Consumer Loyalty

As mobile technology continues to allow retailers and brands to enhance communication and engagement with increasingly connected mobile consumers, the NFC Forum recently commissioned leading global consumer research firm Strategy Analytics to gather and analyze data relating to end-user preferences and perceptions of NFC in a retail setting.

It has been revealed that six specific opportunities in which retailers and brands can use NFC technology during the customer journey to improve in-store experiences, generate more sales, and enhance customer loyalty and trust. Consumers were particularly excited to use NFC to access timely and relevant information, such as:

  • Store deals, store Wi-Fi, and rewards accounts
  • Multimedia content and real-time store inventory
  • Information about related products
  • A digital, NFC-enabled shopping cart on their phones
  • Product information for large purchases
  • Exact refill cartridge information and one-touch reorder capability